7 COLOR LED SHOWER HEAD LIGHTS,Chinese manufacturer, exporter

7 color LED shower head lights  water power 7 color changing shower lights

1.No battery needed;

2.When water flows down, the LED will light instantly and automatically;

3.Brightness is such enough even no other lighting fixtures need,

4.The LED color will change gradually and automatically; (RED/PINK/GREEN/BLUE/ORANGE/YELLOW/CYAN) Romantic for couple

3.Turn on the water and the LED Light comes on.

5.Casing material: ABS

6.Casing color: Metallic color (Electroplating)

7.Size of the shower’ head: 8 x 5.6 cm

8.Color: Silver

9.When water flows down, the LED will light instantly and automatically

10.Material: Plastic


  • Ultra-quiet, no batteries and external power supply, it will illuminate after inducing the water, the principle-flow generation.
  • Automatic light switching.
  • Each shower process a wonderful experience.
  • Safe use without batteries..
  • Easy Installation.
  • Case Material: ABS.
  • LED Quantity: 9 LED.
  • LED Emitting Color: 7 colors gradually changed.
  • Facial Treatment: mental color plated.
  • Working Pressure: 0.1MPA~0.6MPA.
  • Longevity: more than 3 years.
  • Flow: 8 L (0.6MPA).
  • Overall Maximum size: 217 x 30 x 90mm.
  • After the shower head connected to water, there will be gradient light of different colors at the moment of spraying the water, without the battery. It will release all your tiredness and add more delight casually when you take a bath.