Touchless Epidemic Door Opener Capacitive Stylus Keychain

✅【Custom Logo】 custom logo non-contact door opener is perfect gift under pandamic situation.
✅【zero contact】 non-contact door opener can help you press elevator buttons, pull drawer handles / door handles, etc., and effectively reduce direct contact with people or objects. Easy to use
✅【easy to use】it’s easy to press with one hand. The ergonomic design allows you to keep your hands clean without damaging the doors and buttons.
✅【Foldable portable is easy to carry】you can put it in your pocket or bag, and you can hang it on your mobile phone.
✅【Never touch anything in public】Suitable for all kinds of scenes, elevator buttons, door handles, drawer handles, public equipment. The cleaning key is made of zinc alloy.
✅【Easy to carry】 Minimum size:72X28X3.7MM, 16.6Gram
✅【Capacitive Stylus】Avoid direct contact with any Public touchscreens


Custom logo Clean Key, No-Touch Door Opener Closer Stylus Keep Hands Clean, Portable Stick for Push The Elevator Button, Shape of Key
Custom color Door Opener, Mini Self-Cleaning Reusable Handle Tools, Press Elevator Button Hand Stick for Home Outdoor
Made of Alloy, practical and durable.
It can avoid direct contact between hands and pollutants in the air.
When you need to open the door, Stretches over the doorknob, press the buttons and turn the doorknob easily
Slips on quickly with no tools required. No drill and tools need, no harm to the door.
It is small in size, which is convenient and fast. You can take it with you.


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